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What happened at the event?

What did people think about it?

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What happened at the event?

This was a weekend of music-making for all ages, all skill levels, all musical interests. Marimbas and ukuleles (thus ‘Marimbalele’) – but also singing, brass instruments, wacky invented instruments, fiddles. . . all were welcome.

Anyone who'd been to been to Treetops Music Camp, or to Roses Gap, or to Marimba Camp; anyone who'd been to Turramurra, or a Tune Up weekend or Victoria Makes Music camp - these people probably found it somewhat familiar – but different! 

So what happened at the camp? Were there sessions suitable for everyone? The answer is . . . YES!!!

Commencing 7pm Fri with departure on 4pm Sun, sessions catered for people who’ve never played a marimba or a ukulele as well as building some skills and repertoire in those who have played before. New songs were tried, new techniques, people made new friends and played music with them - including children who were really welcome and immediately having fun.

The workshop leaders were:

  • Jon Madin
  • Andy Rigby
  • Joseph Bromley
  • Alena Schneider
  • Peter Gavin
  • Dani Rocca
  • Phil Melgaard
  • Aaron Silver

The programme included a wide range of workshops, e.g. marimba favourites, kids’ session, beginner ukulele, tricky marimba playing, wacky instruments (Jon Madin’s echocellos, dingboxes, musical bikes etc), singing with instruments, African rhythms, a touch of reggae, classic uke songs. Some ‘spaghetti Western’ hits. Sure-fire marimba pieces got children playing, and a grand parade brought everyone together.

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What did people think about it? Some responses from our evaluation questionnaire

​What were your general comments about the weekend?

  • Well organised - excellent tutors - came away with new skills.
  • Maybe choir people could be invited. "Marimbasingalele".
  • Excellent workshops, thanks to all workshop leaders and organising team.
  • Wonderful group of people. Wonderful array of instruments. Love it.
  • Looking forward to being involved again next time!
  • Great leaders and workshops all round! Would be great to acknowledge and thank them and volunteers more formally - they were awesome.
  • Everyone is very friendly and willing to share.
  • I have loved all the stuff - particularly how Pete and Joseph have been so different (?). Both taught really useful stuff.
  • Very impressive leadership, especially with the kids. Great to be somewhere where children can be seen and heard
  • Thanks to the organisers for all their hard wortk.
  • A great weekend. Looking forward to next year.
  • Would have liked a bit more informal jamming singing - but its hard to fit everything in!

Describe Marimbalele music camp in three words

  • Fun. Skills. People.
  • Fun. Sociable. Creative.
  • Fun.
  • Social. Inspiring. Well fed!!
  • Wonderful. Knowledge-exchange. Stimulating.
  • Generous. Enlightening. A bit lonely.
  • Enthusiasm. Community. Sun.
  • Friendly. Involved.
  • Warm. Community. Spirit.
  • Needed. Surprising. Suntacular.
  • Fun. Exciting. Inspiring.
  • Fun, challenging, inspiring.
  • Fun. Imformative. Family friendly - inclusive!
  • great relaxing inclusive
  • Fun energising warm
  • Fun learning, fun exciting, together learning
  • inclusive joyful friendly
  • interesting challenging fulfilling
  • inspiring a music fix challenging

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Photos and Videos

Joseph Bromley's uke workshop


John Madin's workshop

Alena's marimba workshop

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