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What happened at the event?

What did people think about it?

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Check out what will be happening at the CMVic Treetops Music Camp 2015 here.

What happened at the event?

The CMVic Treetops Music Camp 2014 was a vibrant weekend of music making, singing, and dancing, with sessions and workshops for all tastes and abilities - it was a chance to learn, participate, exchange, and celebrate. Here's some of the highlights:

  • Friday night all-in welcome party in the marquee
  • Saturday night bush dance and jazz party in the marquee
  • The Destiny Project - an all-in ensemble with the Madins
  • Street band big blow and procession
  • Fiddly folk tunes & sessions
  • Singing workshops
  • Singing leader 'recharge'
  • New songs for ukes & marimbas
  • Kids songs

Open to everyone whether a CMVic Member or not, this unique and fun event brought together in one place choirs and street bands, young and old, beginners and old hands.  As well as lots of opportunities for singing and playing music, there were leadership skills sessions for both singers and instrumentalists too.  Great workshop leaders from all over Victoria ran a wonderful variety of sessions, and the camp provided lots of space for enjoying all the free time people wanted.

A total of 97 people came to the event, including 22 under 25's.

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What did people think about it? Some responses from our evaluation questionnaire

Total number of questionnaires analysed


Have you learned something new or done something different this weekend?

 Yes:                       91%

Would you attend another event like this in the future?

 Yes:                       97%

Would you recommend events like this to friends, family or colleagues?

 Yes:                       94%

Have you been to a CMVic event before?

 No:                         31%

How did you hear about this event?

 Recommendation:  36%
 Website:                18%
 Email:                    15%
 Social media:         11%
 Shout!                    11%

Are you a CMVic member?

 No:                         28%
 Not sure:                  6%


What was the best thing about the weekend? (A few representative responses only shown here) 

  • “Inclusiveness / integrational aspect”
  • “Combining Marimbas, Ukes, drums and all instruments and singing“
  • “Great workshops, wonderful people!!”
  • “The age ranges were great to see”
  • “The 'all in' sessions. Having the young leaders”

What have you learned new this weekend?

  • “Improved my ability to learn tunes by ear”
  • “New tunes and songs”
  • “Playing different genres and with new people”
  • “New music, new techniques”
  • “Marimba/uke arrangements”
  • “Alexander Technique/taking part in an ensemble”
  • “I learned to be a bit more confident on the uke and I learned that I should have started coming “to things like this 30 years ago!”

What could be improved? (These are all worth a look in the spreadsheet)

  • “Sound ie noise from marquee too loud in main room”
  • “Procession down the main street of Riddells Creek! ”
  • “Longer workshops”
  • “NIL! Food and venue were fabulous and the workshops were amazing”
  • “It's all perfect!”

Please describe Treetops Music Camp in three words (numbers indicate repeats)

  • Fun (17)
  • Inclusive (7)
  • Joyful (3)
  • Friendly (3)
  • Musical (3)
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Photos and Videos

Click here for photos and here for videos

Joseph Bromley's workshop

Jack's workshop

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