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CMVic Music Camp 2019 at Grantville Lodge

...see what people thought about their experiences...and how proud our younger attendees were performing to 100 or so other participants at the 2019 music camp...


The middle of May saw CMVic’s sixth successive Music Camp (including two previous “Treetops” music camps).  With over 160 attendees this was one of our largest camps yet, and a particular highlight once again was the wonderful program for families and kids. Open to everyone, whether a CMVic Member or not, the music camp brought together choirs and instrumentalists, young and old, beginners and experienced community music makers.  ‘Sephardic’ style was a strong focus for this camp, with the fabulous Saray Iluminado providing a great range of workshops, and also performing a great set on Saturday night.  Leadership skills sessions for both singers and instrumentalists were held, and the camp also provided lots of space for enjoying all the free time people wanted as well as impromptu sessions throughout the days. 

Take a look at this wonderful session when everyone could have a go at improvising, Sephardic/Balkan style...


Here's some more of what people said about the weekend:

  • Playing music with like minded people
  • The vibe of the thing. Friendly music making
  • The vibe of the thing. Friendly music making
  • I just loved the whole weekend, the music, really friendly people who were more than willing to share their musical knowledge, the feeling of happiness, seeing the children play, the food, the setting.
  • Learning new techniques on the uke and the jam in the chapel on Friday night
  • All-in plays, kids performance, street band playing
  • Friendliness and welcoming enthusiasm of staff and volunteers being there!
  • Being with like-minded people who went above and beyond to co-operate and help, the inclusiveness of leaders for those who were beginners, and the fun, joyful atmosphere in general.
  • Playing together in workshops & sessions
  • Informal music making with good people!
  • Networking with new like-minded musical people

...and check out the fantastic program of workshops that took place: