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  • May


    13:00 to 14:00

    › Lunchtime Whiteboard Concert – Ukes and more! (Grantville Online)

    About the Session:

    This is your chance to share your music with others! Lunchtime provides the opportunity for 8 – 10 acts to do a short spot to entertain everyone while they have lunch and take a break from the workshops.

    We need to limit the number of acts to 8-10, given the time available.  First come first served. So that we can include as many acts as possible, please limit your spot to no more than 5 minutes total, including any introduction.

    Meet the Leader: Bruce Watson

    Bruce is best known as a songwriter and performer. He has picked up a swag of songwriting awards and had many of his songs recorded by others, including Eric Bogle, Joe Dolce and a number of international artists. The Boite describes him as “a wordsmith, a teller of tales, a spinner of yarns with lots of stories he tells with passion and integrity.” Bruce’s music is inclusive. Choruses and opportunities for joining in are a hallmark of his performances and he likes nothing better than getting a room full of people singing together with him. While self-taught as a musician and writer, Bruce loves sharing his own learnings with others in workshops on songwriting, performing and the ukulele. He has also run a range of ukulele groups. When he’s not on stage at a music festival, you may well see him scraping his fiddle, strumming his uke or singing along at a session.

    How to prepare for this session:


    Please email the following details to

    • The name of your act
    • A short description/bio
    • How long you anticipate your spot will take (time a dry run of the item with the intro). If we know some will be short that may allow us to squeeze in an extra act or two.

    Please send this information by midnight Friday 29 May. But to help us organise, and to be sure to get a spot, the sooner the better. We will contact you before the day with a running order and approximate times, and details of how the logistics will work.

    Lunch eaters:

    • Prepare your lunch
    • Sit back
    • Eat lunch
    • Listen in!

    Downloads: None

    How to Register:

    • This workshop is part of Grantville Online (CMVic Music Camp 2020). Check out the full program here!
    • It’s totally FREE to join but please register online here as soon as possible (N.B. you only need to register once to gain access to all sessions)
    • All workshops will be online on Zoom (you don't need to have a Zoom account to join in).
    • After you register, you'll receive an email with a link, Meeting ID and password for the whole event.