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    13:15 to 14:05

    › The Warm Up Session (Amberley Online)

    About the Workshop:

    A big part of CMVic’s singing camp is welcoming all our participants, meeting old and making new friends, and getting ourselves warmed up for all the wonderful singing we know will follow. How are we going to do that on Zoom? Make sure you are logged on for the warm up session and we’ll show you! As well as the chance to interact directly with other participants you will be guided through some warm up exercises to get you ready for the following workshops and some information on why warming up is a valuable thing to do.

    How to prepare for this session:

    • Bring yourself and your voice, and give yourself a bit of room to move about!


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    Meet the Leader: Margaret Crichton

    Margaret Crichton has been singing and playing instruments including ukulele, guitar and harp, for more years than she wants to admit! After a few years teaching secondary school and many years performing in kindergartens around Victoria, she discovered Community Music Victoria and began conducting choirs, currently leading two.

    When ukulele started becoming popular she decided to offer a class at a local neighbourhood house. One quickly grew to three classes and a performance group, another at a second community centre and one more at a third, as well as workshops at festivals and events.

    Margaret loves introducing people of all ages with no musical experience to the fun of singing together and of playing ukulele – sometimes both at the same time and with harmony of course! Making music in a group, big or small, is rewarding for students, and Margaret works with players of all levels of experience, usually all in one class!!

    How to Register:

    • This workshop is part of Amberley Online (CMVic Singing Camp 2020). Check out the full program here!
    • It’s totally FREE to join but please register online here as soon as possible.
    • All workshops will be online on Zoom (you don't need to have a Zoom account to join in).
    • After you register, you'll receive an email with a link, meeting ID and password for the whole event.
    • You only need to register once, regardless of how many Amberley Online workshops you are joining.