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    › VMC Accredited Drum-Circle Facilitation Training: DATE UPDATED

    Location: Body Voice Centre, 50 Wolverhampton St  3011  , Footscray - Open in Google Maps -

    This is a fun, experiential, and intensive three-day program that details the different stages and processes involved in leading a community, playing improvised rhythmical music in an empowering and uplifting way. This training is supported by a range of quality resources, and includes ample time for participants to practice the different Facilitation techniques covered in the material. Each three-day workshop finishes with an open community drum-circle offering further opportunities for practice.

    Register Here

    Cost - early-bird rate available - $350
    Standard - $395
    Returnee - $ 250

    Special discount for CMVic members! (See your inbox for details: email sent 25th Feb!)

    Earlybird registrations go into the draw to win a signature series Remo Djembe

    Workshop Schedule
    Day 1 - 5pm - 9pm
    Opening Drum Call & Welcome
    Anatomy of A VMC DCF Training
    The Anatomy of a Drum Circle
    Community Drum Circle Protocol
    Platform Learning Introduction
    The Layers of Learning Basic DCF Skills
    Basic DCF Skills
    Building Relationship – Visual Radar
    Basic DCF Skills
    Call to Groove, Attention Call, Stop Cut

    Day 2 - 9.30 am - 4.30pm
    Challenge Demo – Drum Call + Critique
    7 elements of drum call]
    delivered = Critique
    Basic DCF Skills
    1/2 Group Sculpt/Call & Response
    Rhythm Alchemy for Musicality – By the Numbers
    Basic DCF Skills
    Sculpt Songs
    Tasked Jump Time – Sculpt A
    Song – Use the song for a Platform for Orchestration
    Basic DCF Skills
    3 Point Radar
    Transition Points
    Free Form Jump Time
    Optional Workshops – rhythm games, hand drumming skills, rhythm church etc.

    A Saturday night group dinner will be organised

    Day 3 - 9.30am - 4.30pm
    20 minute Challenge Demo – Run ‘The Map’
    Curriculum Wrap Up – Tools, Techniques, Concepts, Vocabulary
    Run the Map with Tasked Jump Time
    Free Form Jump Time
    Closing Ceremony
    Playshop Close
    Free Community Drum-Circle
    Review and Feedback
    Higher Level Training – The Facilitator’s Challenge

    Returning graduates to the three-day VMC Global DCF Training are given an advanced course that challenges their basic skills, and receive advanced certification. Completion of these workshops is one of the prerequisites for those wanting to apply for VMC advanced facilitator accreditation and listing on the international drum-circle facilitator register.