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    › Uke ‘N Sing online short courses - parts 1 & 2

    Location: Online - Open in Google Maps -

    Uke ‘N Sing – Adult & student online ukulele classes (12 years plus)
    presented by Susie Davies-Splitter (M.Ed.) with Phil Splitter
    We use a multi modal, multi sensory and whole body approach that helps makes the learning stick!
    Beginner Group - Part 1 (no experience required) JULY 22 - AUGUST 19
    You will learn: Parts of the uke and how to tune; Simple one & two-finger chords; Finger picking over open strings; Simple strumming patterns; Improvisation over open strings; Playing and singing; Songs in a range of styles; Good playing technique
    Wednesdays 10.10 to 11am AEST
    Dates 22.7 29.7 & 5.8, 12.8 & 19.8 2020
    (USA/Canada – Tues nights PDT western zone 5pm; EDT Eastern zone 8pm)

    Part 2 (Ability to play C, F & G7 and change chords competently) JULY 21 - AUGUST 18
    You will learn: Chords and changes - G, D7, Dm, A7 and more; A variety of strumming patterns; Finger picking accompaniments; Finger picking melodies; Introduction to TAB – tablature; Improvisation; Playing and singing; Songs in a range of styles including blues, jazz, gospel and world music; Good playing technique
    Tuesdays 7.10 - 8 pm AEST
    Dates 21.7, 28.7, 4.8, 11.8 & 18.8 2020

    *Courses include all class notes, recordings & certificate
    *If you can’t attend at these times, watch the recordings at a time that suits you.
    *You will need a good quality soprano, concert or tenor ukulele with clip on tuner, computer and internet
    Investment - AUD$65 (incl. GST) per household/family