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    10:00 to 17:00

    › The Musical Body Two Day Workshop at BodyVoice Centre

    Location: Body Voice Centre 50 Wolverhampton street  3011  , Footscray - Open in Google Maps -


    The Musical Body Two Day Workshop at the Body Voice Centre

    In the spirit of play and co-creation I invite you to explore the spaces between life and music and to cultivate vitality through improvised singing with me.

    I have been exploring and enjoying the enlivenment of body-voice-music improvisation since I was a little girl (approximately 34 years), and for the last 14 years I have been facilitating The Musical Body and continuing to investigate, co-create, co-inquire and develop this work/play/process so I can serve you in your inquiries into body-voice, creativity, song-writing, play, joy and accessing your capacity for social change and transformation.

    I look forward to playing with you in the beautiful BodyVoice Centre, which has been a haven for me in my personal artistic practice over the years, and I'm sure will provide a nourishing home for the next phase of your creative explorations-

    (come 5-10 minutes early to settle in),

    Charlotte xx

    "A bird does not sing because it has an answer,
    it sings because it has a song."
    - Maya Angelou


    Over these two days; we will play and investigate the connections between body, voice, breath, sound, silence, stillness, movement, text, music, life, space, people, imagination and improvisation. This weekend will be a safe space with a responsive relationship to structure and change to allow everyone who attends to follow their unique interest and nourish their life, music, life-music and musical-life. Through The Musical Body process, we will develop ease, awareness, spontaneity, musicality, artistry and curiosity. 

    You might be curious about your body-voice-music, you might have doubts/or a strong belief about whether or not you are a singer or creative person. You may sing only in the shower and fear you are tone-deaf or be convinced you can't sing. You might be a professional musician interested to develop, discover and connect with wonder, flow, play and creativity or to improve on particular skills in song-writing, musicality, performance and/or voice. And/or you may be a therapist, teacher, carer, parent, free spirit, explorer or person interested to explore your creative body-voice.

    Saturday 16th February 10.30am-4.30pm 
    Sunday 17th 10.30am-5pm
    50 Wolverhampton street, Footscray

    Contact Charlotte Roberts or call/text 0432550460 with any questions/queries/to register 
    Payment plans are available.
    Numbers limited

    “An empowered rich experience that alters your world for the better. Knowing and working with Charlotte has allowed me to grow and deepen my personal connection with not just my music but myself as a human...[gets] your creative juices flowing." Caitlin Brown

    “Charlotte’s work is essential for the beginner through to the professional musician… has equipped me with tools around presence, belief and healing through my music” Liana Pearl

    “Delightfully fun, deeply touching and highly recommended” Bec Apost, 2016

    “I have witnessed Charlotte create with everyone from babies to wise folk and everything in between… age is no barrier – everyone has a voice… An empowered rich experience that alters your world for the better. “ Caitlin Brown

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    Check out video of The Musical Body on Youtube