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    Singing from Country launches with a Workshop and Concert as part of the 2016 Maldon Folk Festival

    Maldon Folk Festival will launch the Singing from Country Project in the last weekend in October. This ‘festival-within- a-festival’ - features two connected events that will change the way you think, feel and express stories about our great land. Singing from Country is a festival-within- a-festival. The project is a unique eco-cultural- arts collaboration between traditional landowners, holders of ecological wisdom and songwriters. It is a pilot project part-funded by the Regional Arts Fund.

    The final stage of the project will see local choir-leaders arrange and rehearse Singing from Country songs with their singing groups and perform them in the Castlemaine State Festival in March 2017.

    “Music is a universal language’ says the project’s originator, Terry White, “It tells stories. It helps communicate love for land, deepen knowledge of country and strengthen community.

    Anyone who attends the Singing from Country event/s will leave both inspired, and with plenty of opportunities to stay connected with the project! For lovers of nature, culture and music, this is a creative melting pot connecting people to place. It is hoped, this launch of the project, and follow-up Singing from Country events in the local area will inspire a generation of grass-roots songwriters to reflect on their personal connection to land and write from that place. 

    Tickets are available separately for either event, or as a combination, and can be purchased at the bottom of this page.* The cost is $25 for each event or $40 for a combination ticket to both the workshop and concert. A concession/youth option is also available: $15 for each event or $20 for a combination ticket to both the workshop and concert. Please provide your concession card number when you book. 


    If you have a ticket to the Maldon Folk Festival, both the workshop and the concert will be free!* (space-permitting on the day)



    1. Singing from Country Workshop

    Saturday 29th October, 1.00 - 6.00pm @ The Anglican Church Hall, High St Maldon VIC 3463

    The workshop at Maldon will feature local ecologists, field naturalists and traditional land-owners who are engaged in indigenous language retrieval. Participants will learn how Dja Dja Wurrung people have seen this country for thousands of generations and how that knowledge can enrich their own understanding.

    “Victoria’s Aboriginal Languages reflect a deep connection to the land, providing us wisdom about how to care for it,” says Paul Paton, of the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, a partner in this project. 

    Through this workshop, your listening will be expanded – connecting the sounds of nature with the origins of our musicality. Leaders from the Dja Dja Wurrung Community will highlight the importance of language in the preservation of culture. Skilled songwriters will share tales of their composition process.

    Interested songwriters are urged to attend, and not just songwriters - everyone will get something out of this workshop.

    Presenters will include Rebecca Phillips from the Dja Dja Wurrung Association Revival Group with support from our project partner, the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages.  Andrew Skeoch will play recordings of regional birdsong, tuning your ear to the plethora of natural soundscapes in which we are immersed,  and Geoff Park from the Connecting Country project whose blog 'Natural Newstead is 'laden with observations of flora, fauna and landscape in central Victoria' will open your eyes and inspire you to look again, at the country on which you live. Some of our concert songwriters (see below) will share their experiences of composing Singing from Country songs.


    Price: Workshop only: $25 ($15 concession/youth)  $40 Workshop and Concert Combination ticket ($20 concession/youth)  Online bookings are now closed.


    2. Singing from Country Concert 

    Saturday 29th October, 8.15 -10.15pm @ The Community Centre, Francis Street, Maldon VIC 3463

    This performance will unveil the songs written following the introductory Singing from Country Workshop, which was held in Fryerstown in September 2016. It features ARIA award winners Kavisha Mazzella, Neil Murray (writer of the iconic ‘My Island Home’), the multi-talented Carl Pannuzzo, indie artist and community musician Eva Popov plus other surprise guest artists and speakers.

    Price: Concert only: $25 ($15 concession/youth)  $40 Concert and Workshop combination ticket ($20 concession/youth)  Online bookings are now closed.


    Kavisha Mazzella AM is an ARIA award winning song writer who has been on the Australian Folk scene since the 90's.Born in London into a multicultural family of an Anglo- Burmese Mother and Italian father and immigrating to Australia in the 60's, Kavisha brings communities together with her beautiful songs and lets these strands of culture inform her original songs as well as paying respects to tradition. She has 7 solo albums under her belt as well as having recorded and sung with many great artists such as  Andy White , Ruby Hunter , Kev Carmody , Neil Murray , Mick Thomas  and Paul Kelly. She has played many festivals nationally and abroad as well as run choirs and vocal workshops all over the world . In 2011 she was awarded an Order of Australia for her services to singing song writing and representing immigrant, refugee and aboriginal communities in performance .

    " Kavisha sings with the voice of a heartbroken angel" says Victoria Laurie. The Australian

    Neil Murray is an influential singer songwriter. He is the writer of such landmarks as "Blackfella Whitefella",  "Good Light in Broome"  and "My Island Home" – for which he received an APRA song of the year award. A founding member of the pioneering Warumpi Band- (in 1983 they released the first pop single in indigenous language), he has also recorded several remarkable solo albums- the latest being the critically acclaimed "Bring Thunder & Rain". His work has done much to deepen Australia's contemporary music heritage. His songs have been recorded by Mary Black, Jimmy Little, Missy Higgins, Adam Brand, Peter Brandy, Powderfinger and Christine Anu.

    Carl Pannuzzo, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, autodidact, songwriter and educator, is in demand nationally and internationally, performing/recording with many groups and projects as varied as Bob Sedergreen, Opera Australia, Mia Dyson, Paul Grabowsky, Vika and Linda Bull, Stephen Magnusson, Punctum Live Arts Inc., Rachel Hore, Sydney Childrens Festival, Casey Bennetto, Cirque du Soleil, Fred Smith, Wienextra, Tripod, the boîte, Stephen Taberner, George Nussbaumer, Music Outback, David Briggs, Totally Gourdgeous, Checkerboard, Acapelicans, in duo with Penny Larkins and as a soloist. As a creator, interpreter and improviser, Carl is recognized as a sensitive, dynamic and fearless singer, a quickfire musical mind and affable and engaging stage presence. Carl enjoys being a messenger for the articulate truth of music and delivers it with a balance of respect and abandon. A highly sought after workshop facilitator and choir director, Carl's unique approach to voice, harmony and intention, makes for engaging and joyous processes gleaning beautiful results. 

    Eva Popov is a Melbourne based songwriter who has been performing and releasing music under her own name and the moniker Hello Satellites for over a decade. Her albums have gained critical acclaim and national airplay. As well as her performance and recording work she has been highly engaged in community music programs, writing and arranging for choirs as well as being a choir director. She has also worked as a songwriting facilitator in many different contexts  including running workshops at various festivals in Australia, including Denmark Festival of Voice and Daylesford Singers Festival.   

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