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  • Feb




    18:30 to 20:00

    › Singing for Fun in Bellbrae

    Location: Bellbrae Hall, School Rd  3228  , Bellbrae - Open in Google Maps -

    The Singing for Fun team welcome you to our new year of singing together to ‘Sing like nobody is listening’. We will meet four times in 2022, in February May, August and November, on the third Friday of these months.

    These are our dates

    • Friday 18th February
    • Friday 20th May
    • Friday 19th August
    • And Friday 18th November.

    From 6.30pm - 8pm

    Come and join us this month for a night of singing songs of Summer, Wine and Love.

    All are welcome.

    We believe we can all sing and that singing together creates a sense of unity, uplifts our spirits, and nourishes health and well-being.
    Let’s get together and celebrate all the best things about one of our favourite seasons.
    Depending on weather conditions, we will sing in the hall, or outside if it’s a lovely night.

    Covid conditions apply.

    Bring your own water /summer-wine, mask and voice.

    Here’s a classic rendition of one of the songs we might sing: