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    13:00 to 17:30

    › CMVic Street Party @ Enliven Carlton

    CMVic is excited to be part of Enliven Carlton — an immersive celebration of Melbourne’s diverse music and arts culture.

    Join in along Lygon street, where the streets will be bustling with local and international artists, performing music and enfold you in experiences of creative expression. Buskers will be performing between Elgin Street and Argyle Square, on Saturday December 3 from 1–5:30 pm

    Bring your hands, voice, a maraca, tambourine, or a ukulele to join in our grand finalé Street Party led by Oscar Jimenez, composer and producer behind “Melbourne” at Argyle Square, from 4.30pm. Here, we invite you to join the whole community in creating a unique, impromptu orchestra and choir, alongside the musicians you listened to along Lygon street.

    Support local businesses by grabbing a coffee, gelato or dive deeper into Melbourne's melting pot of international cuisines that call Lygon street home.

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    Oscar Jimenez’ ‘Melbourne song is a collaboration of 59 Melbourne-based creatives, representing 20 nationalities, who recorded a real celebration of a truly multicultural society, where the common language of music created a sense of community, belonging and harmony in a time of upheaval, loss and uncertainty. The song (lyrics co-written with Jose Tortabu) traces the personal experience of a migrant falling in love with Melbourne, the city that has become their new home. The diversity of artists involved in the making of this song and video (edited by Carlos Meza), really highlights the strength and resilience of a community working together, albeit in social isolation, through some of the most difficult times the industry has ever experienced; and shows what can be achieved through connecting with peers to work collaboratively towards a common goal. Listen to the song.

    This event is presented by Casa Cultura in partnership with iconic and emerging local arts organisations, including Community Music Victoria, La Mama and A Voz Limpia, with support from Melbourne Fringe, Multicultural Arts Victoria and Carlton Inc. Supported by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government