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    14:00 to 15:00

    › Lost in the Groove Online Mini-Fest

    Location: The Bairnsdale Hub, 27 Dalmahoy Street [corner of Dalmahoy + Service Streets]  3875  , Bairnsdale - Open in Google Maps -

    CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale and Quastrad Music, would like to invite you to the inaugural Online Mini-Lost in the Groove-Fest!  It doesn't quite replace the Real Thing, but is a step better than waiting until 2021!

    Musician Andy Rigby, along with his like-minded, charismatic young daughter, Sylvie, will introduce you to some lively, up-beat tunes on Zoom.  These sessions will take place next week, from Monday March 30 to Thursday April 2 each day at 2-3pm approx.  And you are all very welcome to participate for FREE!

    Andy and Sylvie will be playing tinwhistle and uke, but you are welcome to play other instruments.

    Music will be sent to you when you register via email  with Judy Olienikov from Quasitrad Music   .

    How does this work?

    Zoom is an online video platform like Skype, except more reliable.  

    The downside of Zoom is that we can't all play music together.  We'll all listen to Andy and Sylvie teach us a tune with our microphones muted, and play (or sing) along to the tune without anyone else hearing...  which can be a good thing?! There'll be a chance to talk and ask questions during the session, or even play the tune back to Andy, if you'd like a small masterclass.  There's also a "chat room" which means you can type messages if you have questions or comments at any time during the session.

    How do I get on Zoom?

    Everyone who wants to be part of the session will be invited by email.  The email will have a link that you just click on.  The first time you use Zoom, you will be asked to download it.  Then Zoom will ask if you allow it to use your microphone and camera.  Click on "allow".  

    Zoom works on all devices -  computers, tablets and phones. The easiest is probably on computer.  Make sure you plug your device into power, and that your internet is running at minimum 25 mbps.  To check this, google "" and it will tell you. 

    Here's a good youtube clip explaining what you need to do:  It takes 6 mins to watch.

    Online Etiquette

    It's important to keep your microphones switched to "mute" during the session.  This limits all the background noise.  You will be invited to "unmute" yourself at times.  We might also need to switch off our video camera options, if there's a lot of us and Zoom is slowing down.  You might choose to not be seen anyway!

    Another good piece of advice is to raise your devices up to eye level.  Avoid having an ipad on the table that you're looking down on.  There's no subtle way to say this... we'll see straight up your nose!

    How do I register?

    Just let Judy at Quasitrad know you're in, and she will add you to the email "invite" list.  And of course, being part of the Lost in the Groove Fiesta, is completely free.

    Judy will give you the meeting link a day earlier, so you can explore getting into Zoom ahead of the first session.  And if you're unsure about anything, please give Judy a ring on 0422 868 680 and she'll talk through the process.

    We hope you can join us next week!