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  • Oct


    16:00 to 17:00

    › Laid Back and Laughin’ (Amberley Online)

    About the Workshop:

    45 minutes of Hilarity!!

    A song and activity sharing session to bring a smile to your lips and crinkles around your eyes!! Find inspiration for fun activities to use with your singing groups and gatherings online.

    Dress so you're laughing on the outside!

    How to prepare for this session:

    • Get ready for songs and games, laughter and fun.
    • Dress up! Find a funny hat or glasses!


    Meet the Leader: Kerry Clarke

    Kerry is a community choir and singing leader with a passion for getting everyone singing together. She has been leading community choirs and singing groups for over 10 years and currently runs two groups. A hundred years ago she graduated from Melbourne State College with a Bachelor of Education in Music and Drama. Kerry believes the joy and power of singing and playing music together cannot be overrated. She is a strong advocate for participatory music in community and community driven music! Kerry lives in the bush on the northern edge of Melbourne with lots of wildlife.

    How to Register:

    • This workshop is part of Amberley Online (CMVic Singing Camp 2020). Check out the full program here!
    • It’s totally FREE to join but please register online here as soon as possible.
    • All workshops will be online on Zoom (you don't need to have a Zoom account to join in).
    • After you register, you'll receive an email with a link, meeting ID and password for the whole event.
    • You only need to register once, regardless of how many Amberley Online workshops you are joining.