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    14:00 to 14:55

    › Inventive percussion and Drumming (Grantville Online)

    Location: Your Place , Online via Zoom - Open in Google Maps -

    About the Workshop:

    Extend your rhythmic groove with a session of guided rhythms, spontaneous jamming and an inventive task to unleash your own beats and textures.

    Open to all adults, kids, and household groups

    Meet the Leader: Annie Fletcher

    Annie is a self-confessed “rhythm nut” and has been teaching community drumming groups continuously in Hurstbridge (and many other places along the way) for over 15 years. She loves the energy of ‘many hands together’ making a great sound!

    How to prepare for this session:

    Grab a percussive instrument – this can be ANYTHING you can:

    • SHAKE (e.g. a plastic bottle or cardboard tube with ends enclosed) filled with a handful of rice or some very small stones. These are best played horizontally as if you are lifting bicep weights at the gym.
    • SCRAPE (e.g. rough piece of wood, timber slats with gaps, a kitchen metal sieve, a cake cooling rack and a pencil, pen or chopstick to scrape with.
    • TAP or HIT (e.g. a large plastic empty water cooler bottle, an upside bucket or ice cream container, a garden pot and sticks if drumsticks are required. Or 2 garden sticks or 2 small blocks of wood.

    These can be homemade or instruments that you have in your home.

    For individuals playing at home: Annie suggests one instrument of your choice at ‘hand’ would be fine. You could have two or three instruments to create different textures if desired.

    For those playing in a group: Annie suggests a choice of one or two (max) instruments per person or a small selection to be shared. If possible, the instruments should be balanced to avoid one loud instrument overpowering the group (unless of course it is shared around to be played). For the same reason, Annie suggests avoiding loud tambourines and large triangles. For group players unturned percussion is advisable as it is easier to integrate all the parts and it allows the players to focus on the rhythm rather than the tune.


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    How to Register:

    • This workshop is part of Grantville Online (CMVic Music Camp 2020). Check out the full program here!
    • It’s totally FREE to join but please register online here as soon as possible.
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