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    10:00 to 16:00

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    Location: 50 Wolverhampton Street  3011  , Footscray - Open in Google Maps -

    CMVic Instrumental Leadership Workshop

    10am to 4pm on Sat 25 Nov, at The Body Voice Centre in Footscray

    Facilitated by Lyndal Chambers, Brian (Strat) Strating, and Oli Hinton (CMVic Coordinator)

    CMVic will be holding a long awaited workshop for everyone interested in the leadership of instrumental groups - aimed at those already taking leadership roles, and those who might take on such roles.  We have listened to feedback from discussions at the annual CMVic Music Camp (Grantville) and StreetSounds sessions, where interest has been expressed in all of the following topics, and more! 

    • Starting a group.
    • Establishing the purpose of the group.
    • Shared leadership – group empowerment – spreading the load (e.g. rehearsal coordination, charts collation, booking gigs, gig coordination, tune bosses, new members, tea and coffee, etc).
    • Selecting styles and tunes.
    • Arranging tunes, use of music software.
    • Approaches to learning new tunes: dots or ear?
    • Empowering mistakes.
    • Jamming and improvising: when, why and how?
    • Accommodating mixed ability and new band members.
    • Accommodating loud and quiet instruments.
    • Managing/conducting dynamics and temp.
    • The value of performing.
    • Creating shared motivation.
    • Developing emerging leaders.

    The workshop will be a chance for everyone's views and experiences to be shared with others in discussions, small group breakouts, and fun hands on activities. We plan to organise the collective wisdom gathered from a series of such events into a living online guide for instrumental leadership, so do please come and share your knowledge!

    Lunch: Please bring a sharing plate. Tea and coffee will be provided.

    Booking: Please register by completing this online form. As this is the first in what we hope to be a series of such workshops, there is no charge on this occasion - costs will be covered by CMVic.

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