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    › February CHYA concert - performance opportunity in Geelong

    On Saturday the ninth of February 2019 (9/02/2019) the Geelong Folk Music Club (GFMC) intend to sponsor a music event in conjunction with the Courthouse Theatre Youth Arts group and are offering this as an opportunity for anyone interested in performing in front of an appreciative live audience to perform at a public event.

    If you are interested in developing performing skills and have an interest in acoustic, and possibly original music, performing alongside experienced mentors each of whom have has experience in live performance we would like to hear from you. We expect the participants to find value and enjoyment in the experience.

    We are encouraging participants to apply for the following reasons: To develop performance skills; To foster acoustic music in the Geelong area; To encourage original music and its performance; To encourage participation alongside GMFC musicians. We are confident that participants will have an enjoyable experience.

    We are “Geelong Folk Music Club" and our definition of the music we support includes all oral and acoustic music of all traditions and origins, but does not include rock drum kits or amplified electric guitars. Hand drums, plugged in acoustic instruments, pianos and looping stations are acceptable, but no techno or backing tracks. Folk music encompasses the many varied ways of storytelling, so songs rather than purely instrumental performances are expected. Duos, trios and quartets are also acceptable.

    We submit this as an opportunity for anyone interested in developing skills and experience in performing in live arts, in the area of acoustic music. Mentoring sessions are planned in relevant performance skills.

    This event will be run at no financial cost to students or teachers with the exception that for the audition events Club door fee is $5 for all attendees which includes the performers. At the concert in February free tickets will be restricted to the performers themselves.

    Regards, Mike Whittle, Phone: 5278 3847, on behalf of the GEELONG FOLK MUSIC CLUB (GMFC).

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    Contact Phone: 5278 3847