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    Want to dip your toe into Estill waters, but are not ready for a full Estill Course? Maybe you’ve done an Estill Course and would like to recap some of the material covered. Would you like to further develop your kinesthetic awareness to improve consistency and reliability in your tone?
    Voicewell presents weekly Estill Figures. Open to anyone, whether or not you have completed an Estill Course

    1. Exploring False Vocal Folds Monday July 13, 8pm – 9pm
    2. Exploring Onset/Offset Monday July 20, 8pm – 9pm
    3. Exploring True Vocal Fold Body/Cover Monday July 27, 8pm – 9pm
    4. Exploring Thyroid Cartilage Monday August 3, 8pm – 9pm
    5. Exploring Larynx Height  Monday August 10, 8pm – 9pm
    6. Exploring Velum(Soft Palate) Monday August 17, 8pm – 9pm
    7. Exploring Tongue Monday August 24, 8pm – 9pm
    8. Exploring Aryepiglottic Sphincter (AES)  Monday August 31, 8pm – 9pm
    9. Exploring Breath  Monday Sept 7, 8pm – 9pm
    10. Exploring Estill: Anchoring & Voice Qualities Monday Sept 14, 8pm – 9pm

    If you complete all sessions, there is a discount: the last session is FREE!

    Here's all the info (scroll down to register for individual workshops):