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    Footscray Community Arts Centre is producing a community Festival in Melbourne’s West called the Due West Arts Festival from the 15 – 24 November 2019. It’s a 10 day festival highlighting the Voice, Sound and Music of the communities of the West. It includes the following events:

    • Opening Night; an evening of music led by Indigenous Elders and artists from Melbourne’s West. Alongside performances by Emma Donovan and the Putbacks, Gordon Koang, Snuff Puppets and more, audiences will participate in the creation of an immersive communal Festival song, composed by James Henry in collaboration with a selection of artists and communities of the West.
    • Come & Play; an open decks session held on the third Sunday of each month, providing a supportive space for passionate people to learn to DJ or further develop their skills.
    • Solomon Sisay launches Sitota; an evening of Ethio-Jazz as Solomon launches his debut album Sitota. Written by Solomon and fellow Ethiopian artist Nhatty Man, Sitota is a tribute to the Ethio-Jazz modes endemic to their homeland and a fitting salute to the saxophone’s role within Ethiopian Jazz.
    • Soundsystem Giants; a meeting of Melbourne’s original reggae and dub soundsystem, Heartical Hi-Powa, with the Colombian picó sound system, El Gran Mono, in a world-first cultural exchange.
    • The West Azmaris; a night of tastes and sounds led by famous Ethiopian Azmari Endalkachew Yenehun (2Pac), masenqo (one stringed fiddle) player, singer, poet, and comedian from Ethiopia, plus Melbourne-based seven-piece Ethio-Jazz ensemble The JAzmaris and singer/dancer Seble Girma. A collaboration between the international and local Ethio-Jazz communities.

    Hope to see you at the Festival, Due West, Duewest Arts Festival. Phone +614 3962 8874. duewest@footscrayarts.com

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