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    › CMVic Singing Camp 2019 at Amberley

    Early Bird bookings now open

    Early Bird prices held at 2017 levels - again! Prices to rise by $20-$30 on 1st Oct
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    Venue: the beautiful 'Amberley'; wide range of accommodation available including camping

    CMVic Singing camp is a non-stop weekend (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) of singing for all kinds of singers and singing leaders, new and experienced! 

    All your favourites will be featured at the camp: singing together, singing leader skill swaps, workshops and harmony singing. 

    Immerse yourself in song and leave enriched with heaps of great resources to use in your community. The program will emerge and develop around YOUR offers and requests: please let us know when you book what workshops you can offer or would like to take part in and we will do our best to include them. This year's camp will once again include a variety of workshops for people who just want to come and have a great time singing, workshops for singing leaders of all experience levels; and some special workshops aimed at more experienced singing leaders. 

    CMVic Singing Camp exists to:

    • Inspire and develop singers
    • Promote a cappella singing
    • Model ways of working that are about collective empowerment 
    • Inspire singers to become singing leaders
    • Support and develop new and aspiring singing leaders
    • Extend, stimulate & refresh existing singing leaders
    • Strengthen the community singing network

    CMVic Singing Camp offers workshops for Singers, for Singing Leaders starting out, and for Experienced Singing Leaders & Facilitators. It’s our very own camp and it will be what we make it!

    Workshops currently in development:

    • Vocal technique & skills – get better at singing
    • Have a go – a targeted workshop for new/early career singing leaders to practice teaching skills and co-leading/mentor opportunities within other workshops
    • Threshold songs – with Barb Mcfarlane
    • Voice Projection & The Art of Shouting – with Jane Coker
    • Holding the Room – with Jane Coker
    • Longer songs
    • Improve your improv
    • Taking care for sustainable practice – managing BIG emotions with Alexander technique – after gigs, after crises
    • Activism and singing leading
    • Conducting masterclass
    • APRA-AMCOS but what does it all mean?
    • Song Swaps
    • Song Swap – climate activism
    • Leaders support forum – troubleshooting, problem solving and imagining futures
    • The BIGGEST SING – fill the well and remember being a learner with a complex song in multipart harmony. 
    • Saturday Night PARTY - 

    We need your feedback: 

    • Which of these sessions would you attend: why?
    • Which of these sessions would you like to facilitate or help facilitate? 
    • Do you have an idea for the SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY? We’d love to hear it.
    • Got a song that will suit the BIGGEST SING (and you are prepared to teach it)?

    Send your feedback to Nicki Johnson, c/o the CMVic office: No suggestions too silly – we’d love to hear ‘em.

    Let us know when you book what workshops you can offer or would like to take part in and we will do our best to include them.

    Booking your place

    Accommodation options: All the available booking options for the camp are shown in the table below, and prices include both Friday and Saturday night accommodation (sorry there is no reduction available for one night but you can book for the Saturday only, and for Sunday only). All bedded accommodation rates include all workshops and food for the weekend (from Friday supper to Sunday lunch); tea and coffee is included for everyone regardless of booking type. Campers can select catering or self-catering options. When you have decided what you want, click on the appropriate links to add "tickets" to your cart.

    CMVic Member discount: If you are a CMVic member at the time of booking, you will be able to get the 20% discounted rate, so you will benefit by becoming a member. Join CMVic here. (N.B. remember to login as a member, and make sure your membership is current, before you continue booking to get your discount.)

    Concession rates: If your annual income is less than $35,000 and/or you hold a concession card, you are eligible for the low waged/concession rates (please send us your concession card number).

    Completing your ticket purchase: When you have made all your selections, don't forget to go to the cart and "Proceed to checkout" to complete your purchases.

    Dietary requirements: If you have any special dietary requirements please contact us and let us know in good time.

    Friday night: we strongly encourage arriving in good time on Friday night if at all possible as a variety of great social/singing activities are being planned.

    The following are Early Bird prices! Prices will rise by $20-$30 dollars on 1st Oct

      Members (20% discounted rate) Non-Members
    SINGLE EN-SUITE (Book here)    
       Full fee $335.00 $418.75
       Low waged/Concession $269.00 $336.25
    SINGLE SHARED BATH (Book here)    
       Full fee $313.00 $391.25
       Low waged/Concession $247.00 $308.75
    TWIN EN-SUITE (Book here)    
       Full fee $291.00 $363.75
       Low waged/Concession $226.00 $282.50
    TWIN SHARED BATH (Book here)    
       Full fee $269.00 $336.25
       Low waged/Concession $204.00 $255.00
    YOUTH AGED 12-21 (max of 4 at this price) (Book here) $109.00 $136.25
    CAMPING (Book here)    
       With catering $174.00 $217.50
       Self catering $131.00 $163.75
    SATURDAY ONLY (Book here)    
       Full fee including lunch and dinner $109.00 $136.25
       Full fee self catering $71.00 $88.75
       Low waged/Concession including lunch and dinner $87.00 $108.75
       Low waged/Concession self catering $49.00 $61.25
       Youth including lunch and dinner $65.00 $81.25
       Youth self catering $27.00 $33.75
    SUNDAY ONLY (Book here)    
       Full fee including lunch $71.00 $88.75
       Full fee self catering $50.00 $62.50
       Low waged/Concession including lunch $56.80 $71.00
       Low waged/Concession self catering $35.80 $44.75
       Youth including lunch $39.00 $48.75
       Youth self catering $18.00 $22.50


    CMVic is a registered charity and relies heavily on lots of fantastic volunteers. Please consider making a donation to help us put on more events like this one.