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    › CMVic Singing Camp 2019: Save the date: October 18-20

    Location: Amberley  3093  , Lower Plenty - Open in Google Maps -

    Dear Singers & Singing Leaders,

     Singing Camp 2019 is only a heartbeat away and we want you to tell us what YOU want, need, love:

    • is there a technical workshop you desperately need?
    • are you longing to fill the well and re-ignite your passion for song?
    • do you have a great idea you’d like to offer?
    • do you have a great idea you’d like to offer but would love to partner with a more experienced or confident leader?
    • do you have a great idea you’d like to offer and would love to partner with a less experienced leader?
    • have you experienced something wonderful in the past and want to re-visit it?
    • have you seen an inspiring presenter or brilliant facilitator and just can’t get enough of them?

    GET IN TOUCH – email the Vic Sings team at or come find us at Grantville music camp for a chat and share your wildest dreams. We can’t promise that Beyoncé will be available for an advanced vocal-technique-while-booty-dancing masterclass, but we can have a red hot go at finding out!

    from the CMVIc Vic SIngs Team

    Barb McFarlane, Carol Kunert, Emily Hayes, Jane Coker, Kerry Clarke, Margaret Crichton,  Nicki Johnson, Sarah Mandie, Stuart Ashburner,