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    › CMVic Singing Camp 2018 (Amberley)

    CMVic Singing Camp

    9-11 November 2018

    Venue: the beautiful 'Amberley'; wide range of accommodation available including camping

    CMVic Singing camp was a non-stop weekend (Friday evening to Saturday afternoon) of singing for all kinds of singers and singing leaders, new and experienced! 
    All your favourites were featured at the camp: singing together, singing leader skill swaps and harmony singing. 

    Prices were held to last year's!

    Paticipants immersed themselves in song and left enriched with heaps of great resources to use in their communities. The program emerged and developed around participants' offers and requests. The 2018 camp once again included a variety of workshops for people who just wanted to come and have a great time singing, workshops for singing leaders of all experience levels; and some special workshops aimed at more experienced singing leaders. 

    For singers, workshops included:

    • Big and inclusive singing circles
    • Learning a BIG song altogether
    • Advanced leadership skills 
    • Songs from around the world
    • Song swaps

    For singing leaders and people who might have been thinking about leading singing, workshops included:

    • Singing Leadership skills
    • Singing leaders gabfest 
    • Song swaps (shorter and longer songs)
    • Conducting

    For more experienced singing leaders: skills share workshops included

    • Experienced leaders skills swap
    • Complex songs

    Friday night: we strongly encouraged arriving in good time on Friday night if at all possible as a variety of great social/singing activities were planned.

    Booking your place

    Accommodation options: All the available booking options for the camp are shown in the table below, and prices include both Friday and Saturday night accommodation (sorry there was no reduction available for one night but you could book for the Saturday only, and for Sunday only). All bedded accommodation rates included all workshops and food for the weekend (from Friday supper to Sunday lunch); tea and coffee was included for everyone regardless of booking type. Campers could select catering or self catering options.

    CMVic Member discount: If you were a CMVic member at the time of booking, you were be able to get the 20% discounted rate, so you could benefit by becoming a member. Join CMVic here. (N.B. remember to login as a member, and make sure your membership is current, before you booking to get your discount.)

    Concession rates: If your annual income iswas less than $35,000 and/or you held a concession card, you were eligible for the low waged/concession rates.

    Dietary requirements: People with any special dietary requirements were invited to contact us to let us know in good time.

    (STOP PRESS: no increase in prices from last year!)

      Members (20% discounted rate) Non-Members
    SINGLE EN-SUITE (Book here)    
       Full fee $335.00 $418.75
       Low waged/Concession $269.00 $336.25
    SINGLE SHARED BATH (Book here)    
       Full fee $313.00 $391.25
       Low waged/Concession $247.00 $308.75
    TWIN EN-SUITE (Book here)    
       Full fee $291.00 $363.75
       Low waged/Concession $226.00 $282.50
    TWIN SHARED BATH (Book here)    
       Full fee $269.00 $336.25
       Low waged/Concession $204.00 $255.00
    YOUTH AGED 12-21 (max of 4 at this price) (Book here) $109.00 $136.25
    CAMPING (Book here)    
       With catering $174.00 $217.50
       Self catering $131.00 $163.75
    SATURDAY ONLY (Book here)    
       Full fee including lunch and dinner $109.00 $136.25
       Full fee self catering $71.00 $88.75
       Low waged/Concession including lunch and dinner $87.00 $108.75
       Low waged/Concession self catering $49.00 $61.25
       Youth including lunch and dinner $65.00 $81.25
       Youth self catering $27.00 $33.75
    SUNDAY ONLY (Book here)    
       Full fee including lunch $71.00 $88.75
       Full fee self catering $50.00 $62.50
       Low waged/Concession including lunch $56.80 $71.00
       Low waged/Concession self catering $35.80 $44.75
       Youth including lunch $39.00 $48.75
       Youth self catering $18.00 $22.50


    CMVic is a registered charity and relies heavily on lots of fantastic volunteers. Please consider making a donation to help us put on more events like this one.