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  • Nov


    16:30 to 17:45

    › CMVic Music Software Workshop No. 3 - Virtual Band/Choir Videos. Part 1 - the Essentials

    Location: Via Zoom - Open in Google Maps -

    CMVic's third Music Software Workshop explored the process of creating a Virtual Band/Choir video.

    In this workshop, Nicki and Craig described a production process that helps members of groups to re-engage with their music community when they can't meet in person. They shared tips and tricks to minimise the tech-pain (on the leader and participants) and achieve a result that expresses the personality of a group.  

    This session was a prerequisite to (the optional) Part 2 - Video Editing Software Basics, which will investigate the nitty-gritty of using video editing software. Indeed, Part 1 discussed options that may free a leader from needing to attend Part 2 - if the prospect of editing video gives you the chills (or the yawns)!

    Prior to discovering the world of inclusive music leadership, Nicki Johnson completed (among other things) a Cert IV in Digital Video Production and a Grad Dip in Visual Effects at VCA and was accepted into the Masters in Documentary Editing at AFTRS. Craig Barrie is CMVic's Online Technical Advisor and is endlessly tinkering with free music software to get it to do things it probably shouldn't.