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    Grantville Online (CMVic Music Camp 2020)

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    Imagine a music camp where it never rains, the beds are super comfy, and the rooms are always warm…you could even bring your pets.

    For one evening and one day, Friday 29th May and Saturday 30th May, the 2020 CMVic Music Camp at Grantville went online in an endeavour to deliver all this and a fantastic program too!  And 336 people from around Victoria registered for the event and joined in - from all across the state!

    The CMVic Music Camp is a much-loved annual event for community music makers and leaders of all experience, all ages, and all skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced old timers, and not even a pandemic could stand in its way. As we took things online we invited you to open your virtual front door and welcome into your very own home a group of amazing workshop leaders and peers from the community music scene across Victoria.

    This was an opportunity to participate, to learn, to share and to collaborate. The previous couple of months had been a worrying, stressful period and one we were all trying our best to find our way through. Saturday offered an opportunity to be guided and supported through a series of online sessions and workshops, with plenty of opportunity to sing and to play, and to reflect and explore the impacts of this time on us as leaders and participants: what we had found useful, what had worked well and what was still needed!

    From the event feedback survey

    • 82% scored 7 or higher (on a scale of 1-10) on whether the camp inspired them to get more involved in creative activities
    • 76% scored 7 or higher on whether their wellbeing has improved
    • 73% scored 7 or higher when asked about their sense of social connectedness (compared to 57% before the event)

    Take a look at this video of the Virtual Streetband parade, one of the 11 workshops in the event - a lot of fun was had by all!

    What was the structure?

    • Check out the program below. It was packed with fun, interactive workshops led by amazing workshop leaders and peers from the community music scene across Victoria.
    • Participants could join one session or make a full day of it and join as many workshops as they liked - it was a great chance to try out something new from the comfort of your own lounge room.
    • We used Zoom, and no one was able to hear you, so everyone went for it!

    What did it cost? 

    It was free!  But...we paid a fee to all of our workshop leaders as we do every year, so a 'pay as you can' contribution at the time of registration was hugely welcomed.

    Tell me about the program!

    The full program as a printable pdf can be viewed and downloaded here

    Fri May 29th




    All day

    Buddies for Beginners

    Coordinated by Deb Carveth

    Click here for details


    Zoombie Jamboree

    Nicki and Craig

    Click here for details


    Sat 30th




    9.00 - 9.40

    Kids Music Session 

    Katie Hull-Brown

    Click here for details

    9:45 – 10:00

    Welcome from the organisers

    CMVic Coordinators

    Click here for details

    10:00 – 10:55

    Hands in Sync: Uke Techniques

    Dan Maceoin

    Click here for details

    11.00 -11.55

    Surf the Singing Wave

    Barb Mcfarlane

    Click here for details

    12.00 - 12.55

    Blues Uke Jam

    Jen Hawley

    Click here for details

    1.00 – 2.00pm

    Lunchtime Whiteboard Concert

    Bruce Watson

    Click here for details

    2.00 - 2.55pm

    Inventive Percussion and Drumming

    Annie Fletcher

    Click here for details

    3.00 - 3.55pm

    Virtual Street Band Parade

    Lyndal and Strat

    Click here for details

    4.00 - 4.55pm

    Improvisation For All (any instrument) 

    Terry Cole

    Click here for details

    5.00 - 5.30pm

    Leadership Skills discussion.

    Facilitated by Margaret

    Click here for details

    6.00 - 7.00pm

    The chapel revisited - Ukulele Singalong

    Tanya and Jane

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    Au revoir...