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Event Cancellation Policy

CMVic events

  1. If after booking an event an individual is unable to attend they are welcome to nominate someone else in the same price category to attend in their place.
  2. If an individual needs to cancel for reasons beyond their own control, there is no automatic right of refund or exchange on tickets. However, CMVic will do what it can to accommodate the changed circumstances; please contact us.
  3. If an event is cancelled due to causes reasonably beyond CMVic’s control (e.g. act of God, natural disaster, adverse weather, etc), there is no guaranteed right of refund or exchange. CMVic will nevertheless use its best endeavours to arrange a substitute event but this cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances.
  4. If CMVic cancels an event for reasons other than (3) above (e.g. insufficient numbers, etc) then ticket purchases will be refunded.

Other organisations' events

  1. CMVic takes no responsibility for the cancellation of events listed on our site but put on by other organisations.