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  • These fabulous books from Mark Jackson and Jane Jelbart started out as an antidote to hum n' strum, an approach to arranging music for ukulele groups. But with 8+ years of experience, Mark and Jane came to think of it as a whole-of-uke-group approach to music-making. And so they wrote two brilliant books about it.

    The Ukestration Manual: Want to go beyond hum’n’strum? Want to deal with music-making humans more effectively? 100+ pages packed with knowledge, practical solutions and reflections based on ten years of teaching and leading ukulele.

    The Business of Being a Community Musician: Let people value you as a community musician. Nearly 60 pages of practical organisational processes related to creating a sustainable community-based structure to help people make music together. Beautifully illustrated. Forthrightly revealing the bottom line through 8+ years of experience from Mark and Jane.

    Lots more information about these books on their website The Sum of the Parts (music)

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