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Ukulele Resources


Books (and CDs)

  • ‘Learn To Play The Ukulele’, Trish Scott & Bill Plant
  • Uke 'n Play Book and CD Kits, Mike Jackson
  • ‘Peace, Love, Ukulele’ by Jake Shimabukuro

          (3 versions of each song: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

  • ‘The Daily Ukulele’, Liz & Jim Beloff - 365 Songs - 2nd edition with 366 songs (leap year edition)
  •  ‘Ukeology, of the North East’,  Wangaratta Ukulele Band
  • ‘The Ukulele Club Songbook’, Robert Weule, Director and Band Leader of The Blue Mountains Ukulele Club

           (Good for visually impaired, more suitable for technology that converts text to aural)