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Starting a Music Group

  • CMVic has published a short booklet to help those wishing to start a new music group, covering such things as: basic elements for successful music groups, models of leadership & groups, how YOU can be a leader!, how CMVic can help. The booklet can be found online here, and is also available in hardcopy from the store.
  • We have also developed a short guide designed to support the sustainability of the bands in our StreetSounds project, but full of relevant tips for anyone looking to get a regular music making group going.

Marimba Resources

CMVic has worked with many Marimba specialists over the years and can point you to a large collection of great resources for Marimba groups and those interested in this amazing and accessable instrument! If you're looking for marimba resources this link is the place to start!!

Ukulele Resources

Are you after resources to help you find songs, groups or helpful individuals to help with your Ukulele groups or with your strumming? This link will take you to a whole list of resources to check out! Suitable for teachers, group leaders or anyone who is just after a new song to strum! 


Other Support