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Victoria Makes Music (VMM)

The ‘Victoria Makes Music’ (VMM) program was established in 2011 to promote and encourage community-based instrumental music making throughout Victoria.  The first project was funded by the Ian Potter Foundation and by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, and was completed in 2013.  The project supported instrumental music making by promoting existing groups and leaders, by providing support and networking opportunities, and by running music leadership workshops and events for groups and individuals interested in beginning instrumental groups.

StreetSounds is the second VMM project, a three-year project funded by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and the RE Ross Trust, beginning in 2015 and culminating in the StreetSounds Festival held in conjunction with Geelong After Dark in May 2017. The project established 10 new street bands in disadvantaged areas throughout Victoria.

The initial phase of VMM started the process of expanding the availability of accessible instrumental music making opportunities for all Victorians, and increasing participation in music making for all Victorian communities. Below, you can find a short video celebrating the fun to be had from making music together, an interactive map showing existing instrumental groups to make it easier to find an appropriate group near you, and the VMM Evaluation Report submitted to our funders.


This comprehensive mapping of existing instrumental groups has been conducted in order to make it easier to find an appropriate group near you. You can also use the group search engine here. If you would like to see your group added, or if you'd like existing information revised or edited, get in touch!

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