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What happened at the Street Band Festival?

The StreetSounds Festival took place in May 2017. It was Victoria’s first ever street band festival, bringing the new bands together in a two-day riot of horns, accordions, marimbas, drums, brass, dancing, stomping, and probably a little bit of squeaking, scraping and strumming for all to enjoy! It was held in Geelong during the Geelong After Dark festival where the bands, festooned with pary lights, provided tremendous entertainment to the public through a full program of playing in all sorts of locations across the city. Here's a bit of what happened:

An evening session in the festival hub in Beav's Bar gave all the band members a time to join in impromptu sessions with other bands' players. And on Saturday the bands made a grand procession round West Park, attended workshops, and had a chance to show off their unique style and music to each other. Everyone could see just how much fun can be had from this type of music making, and we'd love to see more bands created in communities across Victoria - please contact CMVic if you have any ideas and want our support.

Here's a bit of what happened during the procession: 

See more photos and videos here.

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