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How can I get involved?

There's loads of ways you can get involved. Join a band. Help start a new band. Tell your friends about the project. Volunteer for CMVicMake a donation

If you love the sound of this project then any gift however small or large would help bring it all about, and help to bring everything good about music making to those who otherwise might never have the chance.

  • A gift of $55 could provide a free place at a StreetSounds workshop or camp for someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend due to cost or distance
  • A gift of $15 could cover the travel costs of a CMVic volunteer to help organise one of the weekend workshops
  • A gift of $165 could create a whole new tune arrangement which would be shared with all the new street bands
  • A gift of $500 could cover all the rehearsal venue costs for a new band for a whole year
  • A gift of $1,000 could help commission a Victorian composer to create a brand new tune to be played by all the bands together in a massed band session at the street band festival
  • A gift of $3,500 could result in the creation a whole new band through the StreetSounds network

Visit our 'Support Us' page to make a gift to StreetSounds.

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