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Community Music Victoria has ambitious plans to build on its highly successful programs to date

By making available a wider range of resources and support, we plan for  further expansion of new groups and for an even greater number of participants from all walks of life.

In CMVic’s Strategic Plan 2017–20 we identify four overarching and interconnected goals that we will work towards to achieve our vision and deliver our mission:
Leadership & Skills: Increase the number of skilled community music leaders and provide ongoing support for existing and emerging leaders in Victoria.

  • We will continue to work with our affiliated groups and their leaders to further develop community leadership skills and music resources, and to share these through aiding the establishment and facilitation of local networks of leaders, through skills and repertoire sharing events, and through mentorship support.
  • New objectives will focus on: expanding our mentorship activity, , and exploring the value of developing a module on community music leadership that could be adopted by training providers.

Participation: Attract new participants and artists into community music making, particularly those from diverse, marginalised and under-represented groups.

  • We will continue to: (a) enable and support people in their communities to establish inclusive music making opportunities; (b) organise our own events, and support those organised by others, so as to provide opportunities for new participants to experience the value of ‘best practice’ participatory music; and (c) disseminate information on such opportunities by maintaining the highly valued groups and events pages of our website.
  •  New objectives will focus on creating participatory music-making opportunities for diverse, marginalised and disadvantaged groups who have not before had such an opportunity - by partnering with organisations that work with marginalised groups and developing repertoire across a wider range of genres.

Advocacy: Foster understanding of the value of participatory music making, and advocate for its inclusion as a common element of arts organisations’ strategies, community health programs, and broader government strategy.

  • We will continue to publish our eNews letter, publish Blog posts on the value of community music, and work with groups and partners throughout Victoria on community music best practice.
  • New objectives will focus on an increased CMVic presence at other organisations’ events, increased contact with key individuals and organisations, and (where resources allow) the development of promotion material (presentation, short movies) demonstrating the value of community music.

Sustainability: Maintain a substantial and engaged membership, efficient IT based processes, and a strong core team supporting our work, whilst further diversifying funding streams to support our long term future.

  • We will continue to nurture a highly motivated team of volunteers and core staff, to maintain IT and web systems that best support our mission, and to maintain a small office through which our services can be run.
  • New objectives will focus on developing partnerships with relevant organisations, increasing the portfolio of externally funded projects, and exploring other sources of income such as private giving, corporate sponsorships, and social enterprise.

Strategic plan 2017-2020: prepared by the Board in 2016 this is available below.