Get social with us!

We are working towards the emergence of a widespread music-making culture that...

  • is sustainably embedded in communities
  • is consciously focused on strengthening communities 
  • welcomes all comers 
  • values and respects the differences in people
  • nurtures participants 
  • interacts with and illuminates contemporary experience  
  • recognises and facilitates creativity 

We look forward to a society in which...

  • public places are regularly filled with people making spontaneous music together
  • communities and families naturally express their connectedness through a commonly held repertoire of songs which they regularly making music together
  • everyone confidently expresses themselves through music and in song
  • public events always begin and end in group singing
  • the populace happily walk the streets singing
  • adults and children enjoy and feel confident making music together
  • making music is universally recognised for its educational, therapeutic and connecting value
  • making music is as prevalent listening to music
  • improvising and making new songs is an everyday activity amongst groups of ordinary people

Everyone who is a part of this culture finds it to be an exciting and wonderful experience, including many people who thought they could neither sing nor play an instrument until becoming involved.

We look forward to a society in which a song or music is respected as being as legitimate a way of expressing truth, hope, fear, critique, protest, or love as any of the more “rationally based” modes of expression.