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OneMusic Australia has made changes to its licensing policy for online music-making (including live streaming), in the time of COVID-19. If you are now conducting music-making activities online instead of in person using licensed material, this will be of interest!

As things stand, if you are a current holder of a OneMusic licence for Community Music Groups, you can do online what you would normally be doing in person under the terms of the licence, up until September 30, 2020.

We recommend reading the information below, as supplied to CMVic by OneMusic Australia, to check the appropriateness of what you are doing with your own group. We also suggest you keep an eye on the APRA AMCOS website's news page about live-streaming music licensing under COVID-19 lockdown. This page is being updated fairly frequently and will ensure you remain up to date with any changes as they occur.

The following information was correct as of April 7th, 2020: 

Live Streamed Dance & Fitness Classes, Community Music Groups and Council Libraries

The OneMusic Australia Fitness and Wellbeing Centre and Instructor licence, the Dance Schools and Performance Instructors licence, the Community Music Groups licence and the Council licence would not normally cover the use of music in fitness classes, in dance classes, in community groups nor council libraries which are live-streamed, but because of the pandemic and forced business closures we have been able to - for a limited period – extend our licence to include the use of music in classes
conducted over a live stream.

There are limitations:

  • The live stream must be communicated from servers owned/controlled by the fitness business, dance school, community group or library – a streaming server that is not Facebook or YouTube etc. The use of a closed platform such as Zoom or Skype is permitted.
  • A streaming server is simply a computer that will distribute broadcasts to the viewers. There are platforms available that can assist – business to speak to their IT supplier to help set this up.
  • OneMusic Australia’s licence doesn’t extend to Facebook and YouTube. If a business live streams their activities on these platforms, this is tracked by music recognition technology and may result in a takedown notice or their live stream may be disrupted. OneMusic does not control these areas of music licensing, so it is best to have the live stream on their own streaming server.
  • The stream must come from your website (i.e. not via Facebook, YouTube or similar) or must be from a secure password protected site (i.e. not generally open to non-members/un-enrolled students). The use of a closed platform such as Zoom, Teams or Skype is allowed.
  • We can only grant this licence for the purpose of live streaming - this does not allow the copying, storing and subsequent communication of the content by the fitness centre or dance school or their clients.
  • The live stream is to be for the use of members/enrolled students/attendees within Australia only, and
  • The stream is not to include any third party advertising.
  • This extra allowance to OneMusic Australia’s licence coverage is granted for a period of six months (through to 30 September 2020), although we will consider amending if necessary.

For all other businesses live streaming on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

  • You can live stream your activities on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook as long as you do not carry any advertising or seek to charge for the stream. Please note, this permission is only in respect to APRA AMCOS licensed music. This does NOT extend to PPCA sound recording rights and separate permission is required from the record label.
  • You should be aware that there are existing content-ID algorithms and procedures in place on these platforms worldwide outside of our direct control, which may cause your video to be blocked or taken down and there may be additional rights clearances required.

Live Streaming a Concert

Yes you can stream APRA-licensed music in your concert on for this weekend (sic) but please note that the situation is changing every day and we are reassessing on an ongoing basis as models develop. We encourage you to encourage viewers to donate to Support Act. If you intend to charge users to watch the concert, carry advertising
or archive the concert for later streaming, you will need to take out a separate licence with OneMusic Australia.

If you have any questions about any aspect of this information and how it relates to your own work, we suggest you contact OneMusic Australia. Their email address is and even though their staff are working remotely, they will be able to advise you.

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