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The information in the table below has been collated with the intention of helping any community music group leaders or participants to consider the risks and requirements involved in returning to community group music making 'in real life'. 

Since then, CMVic has been speaking to Victorian Government Representatives about a best practice, safe return to community music-making as restrictions ease across regional and (potentially) metropolitan areas of the state. To find out more about this, please see also 'Draft Road Map to COVID Normal for Community Music Makers' (Updated 17 July, 2021)

It is important to note that the collation of this information is ongoing, that it is subject to change and is intended for guidance only. 

Key points:

  1. The COVID-19 environment is uncertain and changing quickly 
  2. As it seems the curve is flattened, people will be keen to get onto a new-normal way of working. This may lead to complacency about the risks
  3. CMVic advises people to follow the advice of public health experts who know the Victorian context, and government guidelines that are based on their advice
  4. CMVic cannot advise people exactly what to do as unique context/circumstances are important
  5. CMVic does advise people to look at the date and origin of any sources of info
  6. There may be COVID-19 training courses that leaders can access, e.g. through local government
  7. CMVic will keep an up to date reading list of resources as we become aware of them


Source and Date



Updated 14 June 2020

ABC: When and how can choirs sing again without becoming 'super spreaders'?


Good read on the higher risks of singing together. Conclusion is to play it safe and wait until there is ‘virtually zero community transmission’ to get back to business.



2 June 2020

Association of British Choral Directors (Abcd UK)
publishes research conclusions on the impact of
COVID-19 on Choral Activity



Includes the warning that they  ‘can give no definitive advice on this. We are presenting the current scientific thinking and examples of practice elsewhere, but circumstances inevitably differ. If and when Government guidance relating to gatherings of people permits the resumption of choral activities, it will be for individual choirs and conductors make their own risk assessment, based on the scientific advice, according to circumstance.


27 May 2020

COVID-19: The future of Choral Singing in Australia

About Gondwana webinar Back to choir: positive and practical next steps


NATS Panel of Experts Lays Out Sobering Future for Singers: "No Vaccine, No Safe Public Singing"



These experts claim there’s no safe distance for singing, and masks don't help


7 July 2020

Creativity Australia’s guidelines and risk management processes for returning to singing in person


 Presented by Lydia Griffiths from Creativity Australia in July prior to the increase in current restrictions to Stage 4 (metro) and Stage 3 (regional)

15 August 2020

Band Association of NSW INC: COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement


A statement issued from the Minister of Health COVID-19 Policy Team / Public Health Response Branch

26 October 2020

NSW Government: Outdoor music rehearsal and performance


Resources and guidance on how to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan for an outdoor music gathering.

 COVID-19 could spread when people sing together - video
20 August 2020

Droplets and aerosols generated by singing and the risk of COVID-19 for choirs

Research by Prateek Bahl, Charitha de Silva, Shovon Bhattacharjee, Haley Stone, Con Doolan, Abrar Ahmad Chughtai and C Raina MacIntyre.





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