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For community music leaders having to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances and find alternative ways to share music making with their groups, CMVic has put together a list of resources to support you. We hope they will help! Our thanks to everyone for being so active and generous in sharing what they've found. We'll keep adding to this as we move forwards and hope they are of help if you're planning to take your regular 'real life' group online, or just want to feel connected with others experiencing similar feelings to yourself in this difficult time. 

Acapella from PickPlayPost  Sing together using Acapella! “Acapella is the ultimate music maker. Whether you’re a musician and you play the piano, guitar, flute, drums etc or love to sing a cover song or simply jam and record music - you can use Acapella singing app as a multitrack tool to create multi frame music videos”

CMVic user feedback: "While Acapella's easy, accessible and fun to use, we experienced a few intermittent synching issues between the visuals and the audio. This may have since been 'fixed' as the app was updated this week, and users definitely need headphones with a mic to record their part. This app works super well with quiet instruments but you might want to experiment with your approach before using louder instruments such as a saxophone!"

Australian Arts amidst COVID-19  This is a place for Australian Arts to ask questions and share ideas about how to work with Covid-19. Let's avoid fear & panic, and aim for sharing information and ways artists & orgs all over the world are innovating & surviving. 

Community Choir Professionals: Free 14 day membership to this UK based website offering access to resources, ideas, training, support and community to help you keep your choir going through these difficult times.

Choirs on line  A facebook group for Singing Leaders uncertain how to navigate a life online. “Thrown in at the deep end, without a lifeboat! Many of us have never taught a choir on line and right now we need a life line on line! I've set this up so we can support each other during this period of uncertainty”

CMVic Leading Community Music Online Detailed tried and tested information and resources to help you navigate your way into the online world of music making

CMVic Music Group Leaders' Lounge an online space created for band and music group leaders to connect and share ideas, resources and feedback.

CMVic Singing Leaders Lounge: a lovely, lively place for Singing Leaders from the CMVic network and beyond to exchange ideas, resources, events and get support from one another. Our primary value is that of creating inclusive communities through singing and we welcome all comers in that spirit.

Facebook live Take your pratice online and stream your singing or music making live for your group to sing or play along to. Engage with your audience live and in real time; build community using video. Go live from your page or your mobile device

JamKazamStay connected from your lounge room. Play music live and in sync with others from different locations! Rehearse together, co-write and produce music live, join open sessions to jam with others, and more!

I Lost My Gig Had to cancel a gig due to Coronavirus? Report how you've been impacted via this survey

Risks of COVID-19: Info for Leaders:  The COVID-19 environment is uncertain and changes rapidly. CMVic is collating a list of research which discusses the risks involved in returning to group singing and music making

sofasession: find other musicians and connect up online to make real music in real time. Choose from two session types: 'Live' session for jamming with others live, and 'songs session' which allows you to jam with other musicians live over the internet, or load a song into the session. Confused? Watch a video explaining it all here!

Song a Day Free songs for community choirs from Jodie O'Regan. "These choir pdfs are free to share, copy, perform and record because I want choirs to sing them. All of my work as a musician has been about finding ways to include and connect people, to widen the music circle."

Wellbeing Helpline Feeling genuinely overwhelmed and unable to cope? The Support Act Wellbeing Helpline is a free, confidential counselling service that is available to anyone working in Australian music (all genres), or the Australian Performing Arts, who needs to talk to someone about any aspect of their wellbeing.

Warm Up Club A facebook group where the host runs through an online 30/40 min warm up for all brass instruments, ages and abilities.

Youtube live: Looking to stream? All the basics are covered, from setting up a channel through to engaging with an audience in real time

Find out all you need to know in how to host and run a Zoom session in this comprehensive guide from Community Music Victoria

*There is also our 'usual' list of useful online repertoire resources, compiled in a very different climate, which is available here.

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