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    CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS of 'Why We Sing' by Julia Hollander

    Robyn J.
    Virginia M.
    Katie H.

    Thanks for completing the CMVic members and friends survey – we look forward to hearing about how you enjoy the book

    [Updated 05 May 2023]



    Singing makes you feel good!

    Everyone who sings in a community choir (or in the shower) knows this, and relishes the sense of liberation, connection and sheer joy that singing can bring.

    Why We Sing is an inspiring and thought-provoking memoir by singer and community music teacher Julia Hollander, which celebrates our impulse to sing, from the beginning to the end of life. Drawing on her personal experience as well as the fascinating recent findings of neurological research, Julia shows how we are hardwired to sing.

    For a chance to win your own copy simply complete the CMVic Members and Friends Survey and click the link that pops up after the "Submit" button.

    You can also read more about the book here and visit the author’s website.

    [03 April 2023]