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    The Natural Voice Network believes that everyone can sing. But when we say that to some people, we get the response: “But not me – I can’t sing at all”.
    Some people even wear this as a weird badge of pride – but is that just the fear talking?. For others though, they believe they really can’t sing because they have bought into a whole series of ideas about what ‘singing’ is:

    • ‘real’ singers only have to hear a song once, then they will know the tune perfectly
    • I don’t sound like Pavarotti/ Lady Gaga/ Elaine Paige/ Thom Yorke
    • I haven’t had any training or singing lessons
    • my friends told me once that I sounded awful
    • I’m just an amateur, only professionals sing properly
    • I can’t hit the really high notes
    • ‘real’ singers can learn lyrics in a few minutes – it takes me ages
    • I don’t like the sound of my own voice
    • I can’t hit the very low notes
    • it takes me a long time to learn a new song
    • I can’t sing in harmony
    • sometimes I make mistakes – I’m not as good as other people I know
    • I can’t hold a tune to save my life
    • I hate hearing a recording of my voice
    • I wouldn’t want to inflict my voice on anyone else!
    • I’m scared of singing in public
    • my teacher asked me to mime in the school concert
    • my husband can’t bear me singing around the house
    • I don’t have a beautiful voice
    • I can’t read music

    These are all, of course, myths. But prevalent and persistent myths. It’s quite hard to disabuse some people of these erroneous beliefs. But it is possible.
    If you believe some of these notions or know somebody who does, try popping along to an open session of a local community choir or a big sing event or a taster session at your local arts centre or one of those “learn a song in an evening” pub sessions.
    There are plenty of opportunities out there to gently ease your way into singing and discover that it’s a fun, relaxing, stress-busting activity that can easily get you hooked.
    Written by Chris Rowbury,, for the Natural Voice Network,