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  • › The “Key to Keys” & “Can Music Be Gendered?”


    Do you need something interesting to listen to while you plod through computer work? Try "The Listening Service" from the BBC. Key to Keys: Ever wondered why music is in the key it is in? Tom Service asks why western music is in so many different keys and what exactly they are. What is a key? In western music, if all the intervals and possible chords in every scale in any major key are the same (and ditto for every scale and chord in every minor key), why do we need 12 major keys and 12 minor ones? What have keys meant to composers down the centuries and has that changed? Are keys now so last-century (or even before that)? What even is a key? Why is the Pythagorean Comma important and what even is it? So many questions... To attempt some answers, Tom Service enlists the help of harpsichord maker and tuner Andrew Wooderson, harpsichord player Masumi Yamamoto and musicologist Katy Hamilton. Listen at

    What about "unconscious bias" and assumptions about gender in composition? Listen to the BBC's broadcast about "Can Music Be Gendered?' at Can you listen to a piece of music and guess what gender to attribute to the writer? Can you hear 'masculine' and 'feminine' in music? And how have these concepts had an impact on music and how people have heard it over the centuries?