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    Music Victoria has summarised the current rules for live music events in Victoria: - 

    Audiences - All audiences need to be seated and wearing a mask (unless eating or drinking).

    Musicians - Are recommended to be 2m apart and 5m away from the audience (this is a recommendation, not a requirement).

    Masks are to be worn if you are performing indoors unless you’re singing or playing brass/woodwind. Masks are not required outdoors.

    Live Music Venues (e.g. pubs/clubs/hospitality)

    • under 200m2 can have 1 person per 2sqm (max 50pp)
    • over 200m2 can have 1 person per 4sqm (max 150pp)
    • outdoor areas can have 1 person per 2sqm (max 300pp)

    The total of indoor and outdoor can’t exceed 300pp and the 200m2 is based on the publicly available space

    Indoor Venues (e.g. theatres/music halls)

    Outdoor Venues - can operate at 50% capacity (max 500pp)

    Rehearsal and Recording Studios

    • under 80m2 can have 1 person per 2sqm (max 20pp)
    • over 80m2 can have 1 person per 4sqm (max 150pp)

    Festival and Events

    • There are plans for a phased return from 25% - 100% capacity and a 3 x tier system depending on the scale of your event (Tier 1 5000+, Tier 2 500-5000, Tier 3 <500).
    • These are assessed via the Public Events Framework and involve submitting a COVIDsafe Event Plan

    For further information go to the details provided by the State Government at