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    Well, it’s been a hell of a couple of years for our singing community.

    Lockdowns, Zoom choirs, singing in car parks, singing in masks, and LOTS of cancelled plans.

    We missed out on our annual Amberley Singing Camp in 2020. And then again in 2021. We had Grantville online, Singing Leaders’ Lunches on Zoom, a huge technological learning curve for EVERYONE.

    Our community of singing leaders and the team at CMVic have done an amazing job at offering online alternatives to in person singing. These have been fun, inspiring, creative, heart-warming, and so necessary for keeping all of our spirits up. 

    But nothing’s quite the same as singing in community and hearing each other’s voices blending in beautiful harmony.

    And so, we are pleased to announce that we will be singing together again this coming January - Under the Silvan Oaks.

    Date: Saturday 29 January
    Time: 10:00am-6:30pm
    Location: Silvan, Victoria

    For more information, click here