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    Whenever CMVic runs an event, we ask the participants for feedback and without fail responses relate to repertoire (more new songs) and networking (the opportunity to talk with people working in similar areas, to share problems, to learn!). A rewarding and easy way to achieve both objectives is with a Song Swap.

    I want to organise my own Song Swap! But how?

    A Song Swap is easy to organise. 

    As few as four people can be successful although the more the merrier - and the more diverse the range of songs offered up.

    You need: 

    • a venue, 
    • a facilitator, 
    • a date,
    • advertising

    Can CMVic help?


    We have a number of people who are skilled in running these events who can assist you.  

    • Facilitating. If you don’t feel up to facilitating yet, we can help find someone who fits your bill.
    • Advertising. We can advertise your event - did you know that this publication is sent to over 2,000 people? 

    So get to it! 

    Organise a date with a few people you know 

    Learn a new song, share one of your favourites, practise your leading skills in a warm and friendly environment, share a problem - someone might have an answer. Above all, get out, do it and ENJOY!!

    (check with the CMVic office to make sure it doesn’t clash with something else), pick a venue and a facilitator, advertise through CMVic and your local singing groups then - have fun!  And please, RSVP (to help with planning) and, most importantly, go to the events! 

    Margaret Crichton 
    Regional Activist Support Team Co-ordinator