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    Songs to listen to and watch:

    Restore Our Earth, written by Sally Davies for Earth Day, and sung by her and her daughters - Davies & Daughters at
    Hody - a Malagasy song written by Lala Simpson (The song starts at 6:23). The song was performed by 3 community choirs and an African dance and drumming group in Wellington in New Zealand in September 2020, after the country’s second lockdown. Find at
    We Were Seeds – Kate Thomas, based on the words of a Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos, with thanks to Body of Sound choir for supplying photos of a variety of protests. Find at
    Bells of Norwich  - All shall be well again, I know – Bill Henderson and Forres Big Choir, at
    Nightingales Are Here – Penny Stone with a haiku-round by Ian Heywood at This is a great little haiku-round and a notated version available if you wish from Kass at CMVic. Just send in an email to
    Hope Is Before Us - with Paula Evans and Vocal High, in celebration of the arrival of spring, the end of lockdown and the return of live music! Words by William Morris, words edited and music composed by Hazel Askew and Lady Maisery, arranged by Chris Long and Paula Evans. Find at
    Spell Songs in Concert - this isn't an NVN link, but is a recent recording of a live performance at the Natural History Museum in London, based on The Lost Words by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris. View at

    Natural Voice Network at - Singing is your birthright!