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    Birds in my Tree: The Magic of Birds and the Joy of Singing’  by Vanessa I. R. Craven

    The COVID-19 lockdowns created a 'stay-at home' world in which Vanessa began to interact with the birds in her garden and in the bush around her. Several photographs of these wonderful feathered friends and a new song that she was moved to write, combined together to provide material for her children's book.

    Vanessa runs sessions in libraries, teaching children (aged 4-8 yrs. of age) the song with actions and bird sounds, during their ‘story time/ activity segment’ for half an hour, followed by a craft activity run by the library staff: get in touch with Vanessa if you'd like to organise a session.

    “Birds in my Tree: The Magic of Birds and the Joy of Singing” (published by Xlibris AU) is a colourful picture songbook on birds. Their antics and their individual characteristics play an important part in the lyrics of the song. Each birdcall is a live recording at the end of each verse pertaining to the bird. This book is an interactive tool for teaching kids about the different bird varieties and their birdcalls, and inviting kids to recognize and have fun with mimicking. Hear Birds in My Tree on Youtube.

    The book may be purchased directly from the author from her web page (take a peek inside some of the pages of the book under the ‘Book Excerpt’ tab).