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    We are building a national choir! In the decentralised spirit of XR, the plan is for new or existing choirs to all learn the same song so when we come together for big actions we are all ready to rock.

    Please find below a link to a dropbox folder called 'We need to wake up -XR". Please read the word doc called 'Letter to XR Branches We need a song' first. This folder has everything in it that any choir will need to learn this song:…/8p7zlq…/AADxf_7xvPGDqHH2uIZXe5_ta…

    In the last few days 17 choirs (including Sydney XR choir) have been recruited. We want to make this biggest XR choir in the world with co-ordinated performances on action days in October. Each branch is encouraged to do practice performances in the lead up to October.

    This is an exciting opportunity for musicians and the musically inclined to do what they love while fighting for climate justice!

    Please reply to Alison at if you need more info, otherwise just start learning the song!