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  • › More Successful Than Drugs: Music As An Intervention For Dementia


    Aged care homes have unfortunately been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. Substandard practices by some operators and dwindling resources have been to blame, but recently it has come to light that over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to treat dementia has become an alarming problem in Australia’s aged care sector. The Aged Care Royal Commission’s Interim Report, handed down at the end of October, identified this as one of the main reasons why the sector has fallen into “shocking tale of neglect”. This report described the widespread practice in aged care facilities of sedating dementia sufferers as “inhumane, abusive and unjustified”.

    Just days before the Interim Report was released, a new study had appeared threw up interesting findings on the effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions in the treatment of dementia, and well done on the ABC for spotting this. Publishing in Annals of Internal Medicine, a Canadian team drew together the findings of 163 investigations and found that music therapy and massage “seemed to be clinically more efficacious” than drug treatment in reducing dementia symptoms such as aggression and agitation. Source: Music Australia website. Read more...