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  • › Living with COVID-19 (to the tune of Leaving On a Jet Plane)


    Big thanks to Community Singing Leader, Leigh Cawood, who got in touch to share this parody she wrote to share with her 'Soup and Sing' singers. Pre-COVID,her group would get together about once a month to sing their hearts out.  Leigh says, "thanks for all the work you do to keep us all singing!" and has this beauty to share with us all:

    Living with COVID-19 (Leaving on a Jet Plane)

    No bags to pack, I can’t go away
    It seems in Oz we’ll have to stay
    I’d really like to, have a ho-oh–li-day.

    But the planes are staying on the ground.
    Too much infection going round
    If we travel now, it seems that we-ee could die.

    Don’t kiss me or cough near me
    Wash your hands then wave at me
    Keep your distance, as you walk on by

    'Cause we’re living with COVID-19
    Strangest thing that we have ev-er seen
    Oh how I wan’ it to go...

    Every thing has changed, all turned around
    Our finances are going down
    I drink a lot and watch too much TV

    There’s no place to go unless I shop
    I’ve walked and walked until I drop
    Doin’ the same things, it’s so boring e-ev-ry day


    Don’t kiss me or cough near me….

    I’m sick of Zoom, social distancing
    and sanitizing, not allowed to sing
    I mean it now,  just wan-na hug my friends

    Sing-ing with my friends means the world to me
    Living in a world that’s virus free
    Can’t wait till we, can kiss Co-V-id goodbye

    Chorus X 2

    Don’t kiss me or cough near me….

    Don’t kiss me or cough near me….