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    The following information was published on the DHHS website on 02 November:

    Community facilities such as public libraries, community centres and community halls, can open if everyone present is fully vaccinated, is under 16, or has a valid medical exemption (indoors at one person per 4 sqm, or outdoors with up to 500 people at one person per 2 sqm).

    These vaccination requirements, attendance limits and density limits also apply to creative arts studios.

    Community facilities can allow up to 30 people at one person per 4 sqm to attend without the need for checking a person’s vaccination status if the facility is being used as a place for providing essential public support services such as a food bank or services for people experiencing homelessness.

    Can I go to a class such as an art or singing class at a community facility?


    The facility will need to observe density and vaccination requirements for the venue.

    You must wear a face mask while indoors unless you have a lawful exception.

    If the singing is indoors, masks must be worn and the indoor venue should be well ventilated. This can be achieved by making sure that windows are opened. Fans (ceiling or free-standing) are not recommended in enclosed spaces.

    If you are participating in a music or singing rehearsal, it is recommended that you keep at least two metres from other people in the rehearsal. Performers are also recommended to keep five metres away from the audience. 

    For all of the information, please visit the link below, to ensure you are aware of the reporting requirements.... and enjoy yourselves!