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    My name is Neo Vilakazi and I'm a writer and composer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'd like to invite you to watch our newly formed Shona the Musical Choir – a South African/Scottish Choir singing original songs inspired by the recently turbulent social, economic and political events in Zimbabwe. The creation of the choir is a continuation of many steps we've taken to make the next big West End/Broadway musical post-COVID. If you'd like to know more about the story, see below.

    The choir's online premiere will be on our Facebook page at 7.45pm BST on Thursday 8 October 2020.

    Here’s a quick taster of what to expect - the song Vuka Zimbabwe, (Arise Zimbabwe) - on YouTube

    Contact me if you would like further information about the choir, the musical or any other queries. You can be part of our journey by liking/sharing the @ShonatheMusicalChoir Facebook page - Also, please join our Shona the Musical Choir Facebook Group and be kept up to date through posts, photos, videos, and much more.

    I hope you will be able to watch our performance and I look forward to hearing from you with any feedback or questions. Thank you! Best regards, Neo Vilakazi. Artistic Director, Shona The Musical Choir.

    Background to the ‘ Shona the Musical’ story - As previously stated above, the 'Shona the musical' story takes place in Zimbabwe and is based on true events.  It's a tale of three young boys (two black and one white) whose youthful friendship is turned by personal and national events into deadly enmity.

    One of the boys grows up to be the paramount chief of a village where a large deposit of diamonds is found.  The other grows up to become an army general and is the right-hand man to former President Robert Mugabe. The white boy inherits his father's farm and becomes one of the biggest landowners in the country. Their friendship is turned on it's head when the general invades the village in a destructive quest to control its diamonds and evicts his former white friend from the farm his family has owned for three generations. This situation leads them to an inevitable collision course with action-packed drama and great songs cascading throughout the musical.