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    The CMVic Singing Camp at Amberley really is a beautiful thing. Conceived, shaped and delivered by a collectively shared love of singing and connection, it’s pretty special to step off the wheel into such an accepting space and feel held by the nurturing spirit of good will, inclusivity and connection upon which the camp is shaped and run. Each year, this event offers an opportunity for everyone to support and and learn from each other, whether they’re experienced with years of leadership under their belt, or just setting out in singing.

    Held at Amberley in Melbourne's Lower Plenty over the weekend October 18-20,  this year’s program was no different. Built on CMVic’s tried and tested peer-exchange, skill-sharing model and using the offers and requests people were invited to make upon booking, it included a series of workshops offered by leaders from across the ever-expanding network. The 2019 program had three concurrent workshop slots running across both days so there was a whole heap of activities and sessions to choose from. These included singing activism with a lens on both the past and present and a focus on climate activism; facilitation and skills development; improvisation; project updates; easy to teach, easy to learn songs, rounds, and chants to share; kids’ games; a BIG sing (see below) as well as a questions and ideas-sharing session about leading songs or running singing workshops; well-being sessions, and a table heaving with resources to browse over a cuppa, and plenty more besides.

    The 2019 CMVic Singing Camp was organised and delivered once again by the Victoria Sings steering group, a team of passionate community singing practitioners who volunteer their time to work in tandem with CMVic coordinators throughout the course of the year. Without their input, dedication and energy, the CMVic Singing Camp could not happen in the way that it does. Thank you for everything, Vic Sings team: Nicki Johnson, Barb Mcfarlane; Carol Kunert; Craig Barrie; Emily Hayes; Jane Coker; Kerry Clarke; Stuart Ashburner; Margaret Crichton, and Sarah Mandie! Huge thanks also to each of the workshop leaders and session facilitators, to the party hosts and everybody else who put up their hand to help in any way, the weekend to go with a singing swing. 

    See some more pics here!