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  • › Get involved in CMVic Musicfest - Saturday 31 July, 2021!


    CMVic Musicfest 2021 will be a statewide celebration of local community music! Building on our long tradition of face-to-face music camps, this year we will gather in rooms, the way we love to, with our music-making friends. We will also reach out our Zoom arms to embrace friends from all across the state and possibly further afield!
    How can I get involved?
    • As a WORKSHOP LEADER – we think the ideal workshop is one that works face-to-face and can also be enjoyed from the couch at home but we want to hear YOUR ideas. Not sure if your workshop idea works both ways? Give us a call to talk it through – we're all ears!
    • As a GROUP PARTICIPANT – think your group leader has amazing leading chops and your group has something special to share? Let us know – CMVic can support you to create an exciting workshop experience for participants wherever we are.
    • Flying SOLO from home – we recommend you grab a friend because we're better TOGETHER.  Zoom in to participate in the sessions no matter what you're wearing or where you are.
    • NEW to CMVic and want to find yourself a group? Head to one of our Musicfest pods and join in the musical shenanigans in the room. Like 'em? Sign up. Not sure? Check out the other groups on the Zoom and try before you buy.